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Before and After Dermal Fillers including Sculptra and Botox.

Before And After: patient treated with Botox and Sculptra. 

Before + After Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment

Before and After treatment with the new Clear + Brilliant gentle laser.

Before + After Restylane, Belotero, Botox

Treatment: Restylane, Belotero and Botox

Before + After Hand Rejuvenation (1)

Treatment: IPL

Before + After Sculptra, Restylane, and Botox for Masseter Muscle

Treatment: Sculptra and Restylane. Botox in the Masseter muscle to soften jawline.

Before + After Cosmelan

Treatment: Cosmelan

Before And After Sculptra, Juvederm and Obagi Skin Care

Treatment: Sculptra, Juvederm and Obagi Skin Care Program

Before + After Botox for Jaw Muscle

Before and After treatment with Botox for jaw reduction.

Before + After Sculptra, Restylane and Botox

Treatment: Sculptra, Restylane and Botox

Before + After 18

Treatment: Sculptra and Botox

Before + After 17

Treatment: Sculptra – 2 sessions and Latisse

Before + After 16

Treatment: 3 vials Sculptra

Before + After 15

Treatment: Cosmelan

Before + After 14

Treatment: IPL on chest

Before + After 13

Treatment: Restylane, Sculptra, Dysport, Obagi Professional C Serum, Cosmelan, Latisse

Before + After 12

Treatment: Dysport

Before + After 11

Treatment: Melasma skin care care, Restylane, Radiesse, Juvederm and Dysport

Before + After 10

Treatment: Multiple fillers, Hyaluronic gel under and around the eyes, Botox

Before + After 9

Treatment: Sculptra (1 Session) and IPL Facial (1 Treatment)

Before + After 8

Treatment: Restylane 2ml / Botox glabella and crowsfeet / Obagi Skin Care

Before + After 7

Treatment: Ultherapy™ Lift at 4 Months.

Before + After 5

Treatment: Ultherapy™ Lift at 2 Months

Before + After 4

Treatment: 3 vials Sculptra, Juvederm and Botox

Before + After 3

Treatment: Sculptra 2.5 Vials,  eMatrix Skin Resurfacing (Cheek area)